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Our Story

Tanmia Agricultural Development Company was founded in 1972 in Lebanon as a day-old chick producer. By 1998, we launched our meat products and became one of the leading chicken meat processing companies in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Over the years we have perfected our practices in broiler farming, poultry processing and further processing to provide consumers with the healthiest variety of original chicken products.

Our Vision: Be and be recognized as the most trusted chicken farming and processing company in Lebanon with consumer-preferred brand and products.
Our Mission: To be the leader of branded chicken products in Lebanon through, mastery, innovation and availability.

We direct all our production facilities towards that end by:

  • Raising chicken in hygienic farms safe from contamination
  • Feeding chicken all natural, vegetarian feed
  • Limiting human contact with raw materials and finished products
  • Handling and packaging professionally to ensure freshness
  • Labeling our products accurately to protect the consumer’s interest
  • Catering to our customer’s needs and requirements

Our Values

As a pioneer in the poultry industry, we continuously aim in improving our mastery in raising chicken, in processing them, in delivering them to market, and in doing a follow-up with our consumers.

We rise above the average level of service to innovate with the aim to create an emotional impact on our internal and external customers consumers. We encourage Out Of The Box thinking to improve our products and optimize our processes. We differentiate ourselves through resourcefulness, originality and inspiration while listening to consumer needs.

We believe our business exists to attract and satisfy our consumers. We anticipate their needs and we aim in securing our products presence all over the country.

Our Care

We at TANMIA Agricultural Development Company, are committed to trace the following terms in this policy:

Customer Focus: providing products and services that consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers, with the aim to satisfy our customers permanently and ensure the safety of the products.

Standard compliance: Implement, review and improve in the performance of the Quality & Food Safety Management that is appropriate to Poultry processing industry. Ensure that the products and services we provide satisfy all relevant Local Statutory, Regulatory and Food Safety requirements as set forth in ISO 22000:2018; as well as those of the countries of export.

Direction and strategy: set and review the corporate strategy and objectives at all levels within the organization taking into account the interests of all parties.

Communication: communicate our policies, plans, objectives and performance throughout the organization to ensure that all personnel are fully aware of their respective responsibilities and contributions, and to align on specific needs and specifications with our providers; to ensure the quality and food safety of our products.

Resources: provide first class facilities and training to all of our personnel to enable their complete involvement in the efficient and effective running of the business to meet the ongoing needs of our customers and according to the highest safety precautions and environmental protection.

Performance: improve efficiency of processes and elimination and/or reduction of associated risks and waste generation, and conservation of natural resources.

Improvement: review regularly the Food Safety Management system to ensure its continuing effectiveness, suitability, adequacy and sustainability.

This Policy is regularly reviewed and communicated to all staff by different means, such as regular meetings, orientation program of the new employees, posting it in different places and Management Review.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Because we believe that the journey of clean products starts with ensuring production in a clean environment, the company has been actively protecting the environment ever since it started production in 1998. With an initial investment exceeding 1.5 million dollars and daily expenses of over $2000, the company installed a water treatment plant, a rendering plant and a bio bed filter to treat the 3 types of waste generated by production lines: solid, water and gas. All solid waste is carefully handled and recycled into organic fertilizer and/or a feeding ingredient used by swine and dog farmers. Finally the gas emissions are filtered from bad smells by using the bio bed filtering technique.

As a result, we were rewarded for being the greenest industry in Lebanon by receiving the Green Mind award in 2012 and we completed the “Cleaner Production Program” implemented by the Lebanese Cleaner Production Center in collaboration with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organizations) and the Austrian embassy, to be proudly awarded the Clean Production certificate for our excellent environmental performance in Lebanon.

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