Minced Chicken

Our famous fresh chicken mafroumeh is known for its superior quality and guaranteed to come out delicious and juicy every time. Tanmia’s whole chicken mafroumeh is made with 100% pure chicken breast minced and packed with the strictest hygienic conditions for your practicality. Mafroumeh chicken is loved by many health-conscious cooks for its wide range of uses and nutritional profile. From pasta , to lebanese dishes to chicken meatballs and tacos, use the mafroumeh as a smart swap from ground beef meat for a pleasant and enjoyable meal.

• Minimally processed 100% all-natural chicken with no artificial ingredients.
• 100% pure chicken breast
• Hormones & Antibiotics free
• Delicious fresh taste
• Easy and practical to use in any meal
• Farm raised with strictest hygienic conditions and highest qualities
• Slaughtered Halal according to Islamic rites
• No preservatives

Available in 400g

Shelf life: 4 days

Store at 0-4º C

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