Fresh Whole Chicken

Our famous fresh whole chicken is known for its superior culinary qualities and guaranteed to come out delicious and juicy every time. Chilled to keep the succulent flavors and freshness intact, Tanmia Chilled Whole Chicken is packed under the strictest hygienic conditions to make every occasion truly delectable. Cook by roasting it to golden- brown perfection, stuffing it with rice for a winner meal, or simply marinate it your way and cook it in the oven or on a barbecue.

• Minimally processed 100% all-natural chicken with no artificial ingredients.
• Hormones & Antibiotics free
• Low in fat and high in proteins
• Farm raised with strictest hygienic conditions and highest qualities
• Slaughtered Halal according to Islamic rites
• No preservatives

Available in 1100g – 1500g (average weight)

Shelf life: 4 days
Store at 0-4˚C

Let’s cook it.. Recipes

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